NEW KICKSTARTER REWARD: Name/Construct a Sandwich!

Hello followers, Kansas City people, gamers, coffee, soda, beer and food lovers!

We are pleased to announce that we have a new Kickstarter reward – construct and name a sandwich of your choice and have it on our menu!


“The Shaggy”


So, how will this work?

For a pledge of $350, you will be given the opportunity to name a sandwich and send us your recipe.

We shall then meet with our team, and, provided the name is appropriate and the supplies are not extravagantly expensive, we shall add it to our menu and have it available. If we deem the name or recipe are impossible to create, we shall allow you to modify it.

Then, whenever you come to Pawns And Pints, you shall be able to order your special sandwich and show everyone that it is named after you (or after your favorite movie star, pet, etc!)


What if I want to name a different type of food?

We are open to suggestions on our menu, provided they fit our theme “gourmet snack food”. We aren’t serving lobster, for example, and won’t be in the foreseeable future. However, if you have a specific way you think popcorn should be prepared, we are open to having that as an option!


Introducing the…. “Your Name Here” Cheddar Popcorn Combo!


 If you are interested in backing our Kickstarter – please click on this link ( and support us! We have a lot of cool rewards – including the one described above!

Also, follow us on twitter, facebook and instagram!



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