Stretch Goals!

Hello inhabitants of Paris on the Plains, the City of Fountains and Citizens of the Crossroads!

As you may have seen – we have reached and exceeded our initial goal of $10,000 – and we have about 30 days to go in our Kickstarter!

We are pleased to announce some more information about our STRETCH GOALS.

What is a stretch goal? 


A stretch goal is a funding target set by the project creator beyond the original Kickstarter goal. Stretch goals as a term and a practice emerged from the Kickstarter community as a way for creators to “stretch” beyond the initial, official goal of the Kickstarter project and raise more money (and often make cooler stuff!). Funds are collected whether stretch goals are met or not, as long as the project has met its Kickstarter funding goal.

What are the Stretch Goals for Pawns And Pints?

The Stretch Goals – for Pawns And Pints have been adjusted slightly from our initial goals.

$15,000 Custom Glassware

We want to have cool glassware, which shows off our bars unique flavor. We have an artist working on some exact images of how it’s going to look exactly.


Goal: Custom Glassware

Bonus Reward: All backers of $50 or more will receive a custom Pint and Shot Glass!

$20,000 ESPRESSO MACHINE + Backer Party

We originally had our $20,000 Stretch Goal planned to be soda machine, but the more we thought about it, the more we realized that an awesome espresso machine was one thing that would greatly improve our cafe. We’be been looking at a variety of machines and are really excited about a few high quality ones which would allow us to prepare some amazing drinks, but we need to reach this goal to be able to acquire one of them!


Goal: Espresso Machine

Bonus Reward: Backer Party! If we reach $20,000 we shall open up and have a pre-opening party for all backers!


$25,000 Custom Game Tables

We looked at a variety of other board game cafes around the world, and one thing which we found was that a lot of them had really cool game tables, designed specifically for different games or for storing your drinks effectively while playing, without knocking them over. We’ve laid out some schematics and all we’re waiting on to start building them is for us to reach this stretch goal!



Goal: Hex Table

Backer Reward: Every backers name will be written, not just on the website, but on a pillar in Pawns And Pints, for everyone to see who backed us from the start!

$30,000 Beer Taps! 

If we can get to $30,000, we want to install beer kegs, which we shall be able to have full freedom to rotate awesome craft beers in!


Goal: Beer Taps

Backer Reward: Mug Club! We shall introduce an awesome mug club, in which people will be able to buy Pawns and Pints steins and receive awesome discounts on different beers, depending on the night! More information will come, as we get closer to this goal!


So – what are you waiting for? Support our Kickstarter! Help us achieve these awesome STRETCH GOALS!

Pledge at !



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