Slightly More Than Halfway!

Greetings friends!

We are just about halfway through our timeline for our Kickstarter, and things are progressing swimmingly! We ARE funded enough to open up Pawns and Pints – and will be opening up this fall!

That being said – we’re really hoping to meet some awesome stretch goals to give you a world class gaming experience!

We want you to know that for every dollar we make over our original goal, we will be improving the quality and diversity of our game selection.

Here is a list of our CURRENT STRETCH GOALS:

$15,000 – Custom Glassware


We shall be able to offer a variety of cool Pawns and Pints glassware when you come in. Plus, a large portion of this goal will also go to expanding and improving our game collection.

Also, we’ll give all backers who pledged over $50 a custom Pawns and Pints Pint and Shot Glass.

$20,000 – Espresso Machine


We shall acquire an awesome espresso machine to allow us to expand our coffee menu substantially. Plus, we’ll throw a party for all backers before we open!

$25,000 – Custom Tables


We will create/acquire some awesome custom game tables for the nooks. Every backers name will be written, not just on the website, but on a pillar in Pawns And Pints, for everyone to see who backed us from the start!

$30,000 – BEER TAPS


We shall be able to offer draft beer, of awesome KC craft beers which we select. Additionally, we shall offer some sort of exclusive MUG CLUB deal.

We’d also like to encourage you, if you haven’t yet, to pledge for an exclusive Kickstarter membership. This is a great opportunity to get an annual membership for a great price!


So, join us! Support our Kickstarter at and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!


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