Hello awesome backers – we are super excited as we near the end of our Kickstarter – we are so happy to have met our goal and be on track to open this fall!

We had a lot of fun at the Pathogenesis play test – both playing Pathogenesis and also Transylvania: Curses and Traitors(another great game created by WIBAI Games).

Loren and Jamie Cunningham - aka WIBAI Games explaining Pathogenesis
Loren and Jamie Cunningham – aka WIBAI Games explaining Pathogenesis

We have been working on a lot of different behind the scenes stuff, including a lot of paperwork – but we have one cool tactile thing to show you – quite a few of our awesome chairs and tables!

Our tables in the main area are 42 x 42  – large enough to fit the majority of board games, but not so large that you can’t hear the person across from you!

Furthermore – we have some REALLY EXCITING NEWS! We’ve started working with a local marketing agency and they are helping us build up our branding – we’re keeping most of it under wraps for now – but here is a sneak peak of their art style!

We are really excited to open this fall – and we’d like to remind you that KICKSTARTER IS THE ONLY TIME YOU CAN GET A YEAR MEMBERSHIP FOR THE LOW PRICE OF $150! We’re also hoping we reach our second stretch goal so we can get an awesome espresso machine and have a backer party!

 Remember to pledge to our Kickstarter here!

And follow us on twitter, facebook and instagram!


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