Let the Whiskey Win – Introducing Pawn and Pint’s Next Star Wars X-Wing League

The time is coming soon, when beer and liquor shall be available at the Pawn and Pint – and as such, the next league at P&P shall be slightly alcohol themed.


The league will run from January 31 to March 7. [6 Weeks]

Participation in the league will be free for members at Pawn and Pint and simply cost the $5 Pay to Play for non members.

Points will be earned in the following ways:

  • 2 points for playing a game against a league member
  • 3 points for winning the game against a league member
  • 5 points for teaching a new player how to play X-Wing at the Pawn and Pint

We shall allow drop in players, but you will have the best chance of winning based on how often you attend. You can register for the league here:


The following prizes will be available to be chosen by the top 3 winners (first place will choose first, second second, and third third).

The Ability to Name A Cocktail on Our Menu

A 6 Month Membership to the Pawn and Pint

A Pawn and Pint T-Shirt and Pint Glass


Looking forward to shooting some space bullets around with all of you! Remember – fly casual!








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