Daily Feature: Ion Cannons

Every day, we do a different awesome daily feature – sometimes these are simply games we love in our collection, other times they are new games we are adding, and occasionally they are awesome tid bits about different games we love in the form of glorious blog posts – this is Donald’s take on Ion Cannons!

Typically the most underutilized Weapon Upgrade that can change the course of a Dogfight is the effective implementation of an Ion Cannon. A well placed shot that delivers an Ion Token to the target can be a deciding factor in the outcome of a battle. Today we look at the benefits, and drawbacks, to using Ion Cannons in X-Wing Strategies.

The immediate payoff of an effectively used Ion Cannon is Board Control. One of the most crucial aspects of X-Wing comes down to effective Game Theory, and anticipating the moves of your opponent based on the players mutual understanding of the capabilities of their ships and the moves that would be in their best interest. To disable a ship with an Ion Token is to deny your enemy the most essential aspect of victory: Keeping his ships out of your guns.


To know where an enemy will be in a subsequent round is to be able to angle your ships for a killing blow without allowing your opponent a clean shot. For one round, or potentially more, you know exactly where your opponent will be, and exactly where their firing arc will be centered. Using this to your advantage will allow you an edge that is not only definitive, but often underestimated.

An admitted drawback to this strategy is the cost of the upgraded weapons, and the lack of effective killing power when using an Ion Cannon. It is true that Ion Cannons lack a heavy punch, and if they miss then a potentially solid attack has been otherwise wasted. You may even find yourself losing multiple hits for a future trade off. Also, the point spent toward the upgrade might very well cost you another edge that might end up turning the battle against you.

The decisive moment comes in implementation. If you can begin the dogfight with early, successful strikes by your Ion Cannons, and can then control the flight patterns of enemy ships, then the battle is won. Just don’t let the cost difference and lack of killing force ultimately lead to your undoing.

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