Daily Feature: Ion Cannons

Every day, we do a different awesome daily feature – sometimes these are simply games we love in our collection, other times they are new games we are adding, and occasionally they are awesome tid bits about different games we love in the form of glorious blog posts – this is Donald’s take on Ion Cannons!

Typically the most underutilized Weapon Upgrade that can change the course of a Dogfight is the effective implementation of an Ion Cannon. A well placed shot that delivers an Ion Token to the target can be a deciding factor in the outcome of a battle. Today we look at the benefits, and drawbacks, to using Ion Cannons in X-Wing Strategies.

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The Wheel of Morality – The Comprehensive Guide to Alignment in RPGs


Wheel of Morality, turn, turn, turn! Tell me the alignment I should learn!

Perhaps the most integral part of making any character for an RPG is determining that character’s behavior. A player should have at least a basic understanding on what drives his character, and be able to distinguish what he would do from what his character would do. To this end and when in doubt, players often turn to the line on their character sheets that reads, Alignment.

But what is an Alignment? How exactly does it govern my play style or my character’s actions? Should I choose an alignment to play, or play and whatever alignment my style happens to be just adopt? Should I make my back story match my alignment, or my alignment match my back story? Continue reading “The Wheel of Morality – The Comprehensive Guide to Alignment in RPGs”

Dungeons and Dragons Class Selection Guide

Here you stand, perhaps for the first time or once again after many trials. Before you lie a nearly infinite array of options to create your perfect character with which to delve the endless sea of fantasy adventure. The decision you’re about to make will forever change not just the story you’re playing, but the fate of many worlds could hang in the balance. To you, the player, comes this perilous burden of choice.

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