After Action Report : Introduction to Armada

A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away… Also, a Few Days Ago, In a Basement Not Too Far Away…


Star Wars! The Sci-Fi Epic of a generation, a universe that has captured the minds of Gamers for generations. Whether or not we all agree with the direction the franchise has taken with the departure of Lucas form a leading role, a truly great addition has been the series of Fantasy Flight Games set in the Star Wars Universe!

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After Action Report: To Storm A Fortress of Gondor

I’ve always felt that a frontal assault on a fortresss citadel would be devastating. Much to my satisfaction, I was not disappointed.

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In a recent round of the Games Workshop title, The Lord of the Rings Miniatures Game, a 1350 Point force of Uruk-Hai and Goblins was pitched against a 750 Point mixed force of Gondorian Foot, Elvish Archers and Dwarven Elites, all defending a long Citadel Fortress Wall with Towers.

It should be noted that this was our first experiment in storming a fortress, and many lessons were learned on both sides. We must note that in the design of this rule set, it is very possible for the Forces of Good to field Heroes that are nigh unstoppable. To this end, there is a footnote in the rules that stipulates a Point Handicap for the Forces of Evil when the Forces of Good choose to field experienced Heroes.

Unfortunately, despite nearly two to one in Points Differential, the Fortress proved to be an unaccounted factor all it’s own. In fairness, though the Point Variance was inadequate for this scenario, much of the disastrous assault can be fairly attributed to a lack of experience and poor choice of tactics.

The battle began with a Goblin force slamming into the Fortress Gate with Siege Ballista support, while the Uruk-Hai contingent swept right to attempt a breach with a Siege Tower and Siege Ladders.

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