Daily Feature: Ion Cannons

Every day, we do a different awesome daily feature – sometimes these are simply games we love in our collection, other times they are new games we are adding, and occasionally they are awesome tid bits about different games we love in the form of glorious blog posts – this is Donald’s take on Ion Cannons!

Typically the most underutilized Weapon Upgrade that can change the course of a Dogfight is the effective implementation of an Ion Cannon. A well placed shot that delivers an Ion Token to the target can be a deciding factor in the outcome of a battle. Today we look at the benefits, and drawbacks, to using Ion Cannons in X-Wing Strategies.

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Dungeon Master Minute: Pacing & Immersion

We shall be doing a daily feature every day this Month. Some Features will be new games revealed, some will be short write ups, others will be descriptions of games we have in our collection. This feature is a bit of content written by Donald the DM! 

The crux of any good role playing experience is to maintain immersion. Nothing will break immersion quicker in your game than pausing the climactic battle to spend ten minutes flipping through charts and rereading the exact particulars of abilities in the rule book. To minimize this, it is your job as the Dungeon Master to keep the story flowing without getting hung up on particulars.

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Twitter Quest: Volume 2


Every day on our Twitter Feed, @DonaldTheDM, our resident Dungeon Master Donald Lewis will post a One-Tweet Dungeons and Dragons Adventure! Anyone can Tweet a response, from which he will choose the best reply to continue the story. The idea is to play a communal Choose-Your-Own-Adventure RPG experience, a story that unfolds one day at a time, one tweet at a time. In the spirit of comic strips like Dick Tracy and Brenda Starr, together we see the adventure unfold one line, one decision, one epic moment at a time!

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The Kingdom of Cavaliers: A Red Raven Inn Campaign Setting


There is an island in the Kara Sea that has long stood against the rising Tides of Darkness. A breakwater to stem the hordes of barbarians, raiders, pirates, brigands and even maritime Empires that would threaten the Congruity of Nations. Here a consanguinity of many nations stands firm, built of stone and risen from ashes. Here the King’s Black Flag flies, a sigil in gold leaf defining a common people’s valor, courage, heroism and stalwart resolve. Knights with armor inscribed with Mithril Runes, clad in tabards of finest samite, ride these shores ever vigilant. When the Storm comes here is the Haven. When a Need arises here is found a Duty. When the Darkness falls here is found the Dawn.

Welcome to Xenia, the Kingdom of Cavaliers.

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Shootout at the Pawn & Pint Saloon!


High Noon…

Spurs click in the desert sand. Two Gunmen stand alone in the street, their hands resting just above their still holstered pistols. The townsfolk watch with baited breath. All is silent. A lone tumbleweed rolls by. Neither Gunman blinks, neither flinches. Then, in a flash, Draw! Two shots ring out. One Gunman remains standing. Blowing his still smoking barrel he holsters his weapon, returning to the cheers of the town he has saved.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good Western? And no Western is complete without the climactic Shootout! To that end, for the first installment of our new Pocket Games Series, we are proud to introduce the Shootout At The Pawn & Pint Saloon!

This is a stand alone game, designed to be printed on a single sheet of paper and easily carried when folded in your pocket. You’ll be able to play on a moment’s notice with virtually no preparation needed. Never have a dull outing with family and friends again, never a bored half hour waiting for your ride. These Pocket Games are perfect to play while on the go, are fast paced, easy to learn and are over relatively quickly, allowing for multiple games that never outstay their welcome. Whether part of a game night or passing the time while on the go, we hope you keep our Pocket Games handy to pass the time with your fellow gamers!

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Evolving Personalities: Creating and Maintaining Characters Across Multiple Campaign Settings

When we look back at our favorite RPG stories, it is not just the grand adventures that come to mind. Certainly there are impressive, even epic feats our parties have accomplished, victories and triumphs that warrant retelling. Yet equally memorable, if not more so, are the characters that made those events possible. We see this especially well in the high fantasy tales of Tolkien, Martin and Lewis. It isn’t just about destroying the One Ring, it is about Frodo Baggins. It isn’t just about claiming a birthright, it is about Jon Snow. It isn’t just about defeating the evil Witch, it is about Peter Pevensie.

So too, then, our greatest adventures are not about defeating the Arch Nemesis that emerges from the Void, it is about our Character! There’s no player that gets the fullest enjoyment from their role playing without first developing and becoming invested in their own character, their own contributions to the world. This is even more true when the party consists of sttentive and engaged players. The story will be both forever more memorable and immediately more enjoyable when you take an active hand in the writing, moving, even telling of the story.

To this end we are going to explore how we as players can tie our own PCs more intricately into the worlds they tread. What elements of the campaign setting are adapted to the character’s story, what motivations our characters have, how their flaws impact their decisions, right down to how a strong or favorite character can even evolve between chapters of a story, up to and including transitioning to new stories entirely. The hope of this article is to, by example, illustrate the benefits of developing a character, the merits of character investment, and the ways we can make an RPG more fun and engaging by taking a step into our roles more immediately.


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The Red Raven Inn: On The White Ridge, A Campaign Setting

The White Ridge Region


Far across the sea, in the Western most reaches of the world, there are verdant shores of jade trees, silky shores and beaches of glistening sand. A place where the wildlife is abundant, the minerals rich, the commerce profitable and the adventures legendary. Here any man may find his fortune, any traveler find rest for a weary heart, every artist an inspiration for their magnum opus. From bountiful forests to towering mountain peeks, from dazzling chalk-white cliffs to hills of rolling golden grain, there is something for every explorer to sate their wander lust. The place that has been the product of great works of art, masterpieces of literature and the setting of a thousand fireside legends. The land that heroes call home.

Welcome to White Ridge!

The White Ridge Region

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