NEW KICKSTARTER REWARD: Name/Construct a Sandwich!

Hello followers, Kansas City people, gamers, coffee, soda, beer and food lovers!

We are pleased to announce that we have a new Kickstarter reward – construct and name a sandwich of your choice and have it on our menu!


“The Shaggy”


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Board Games for Date Night

Let us preface this by saying – board games are an AMAZING thing to bring to a first date, if you can slip them in. Both men and woman across the world agree that board games are a great social experience and they offer a variety of benefits above and beyond simply entertainment – but there are some games which are better than others for getting to know your partner better.


We have broken games into 4 categories in order to give you the best opportunity to decide what games are best for you and your date. The categories we choose are:

  • Cooperative – These games pit the players against the board in some way and they must work together to survive and win. Games like this typically encourage cooperation and are a great first date game too make you and your partner feel like a team.
  • Competitive Games: These are games which pit you and your partner against one another. For some, these are the perfect game for couples to build some excitement, for others they are not.
  • Party Games: These games are designed for a few people or occasionally a large group and are typically very simple to learn.
  • Get To Know You Games: These games are designed to help you learn more about your partner and enjoy the thrill of a game at the same time. Continue reading “Board Games for Date Night”