Pawns and Pints to Host Gamers Haven Games Library!

Hello all!

With only 33 hours to go in our Kickstarter we have a big announcement – We shall be hosting the Gamers Haven Games Library at Pawns and Pints!

For those who do not know, the Gamers Haven Library is a collection of approximately 330 board games, which served as the games library for Planet Comicon, KantCon, Midwest Gamefest, and MidAmericon 2 this year. An incomplete list of the collection is available here.

Convention Goers at KantCon enjoying many of the games provided by the Gamers Haven Library
Convention Goers at KantCon enjoying many of the games provided by the Gamers Haven Library

Furthermore, the Gamers Haven Podcast is nearing it’s 10th anniversary, and has over 20 full days of quality audio available online here! We are excited to have them recording at Pawns and Pints in the future 🙂

Also – remember – this is the beginning of the last chance to pledge to our Kickstarter – and get exclusive rewards such as naming a NOOK after yourself, a loved one, or a pet – or get our annual membership for an incredible discount of $150 (normally $195)!

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Cheers and Happy Gaming!

Edward Schmalz

Hello awesome backers – we are super excited as we near the end of our Kickstarter – we are so happy to have met our goal and be on track to open this fall!

We had a lot of fun at the Pathogenesis play test – both playing Pathogenesis and also Transylvania: Curses and Traitors(another great game created by WIBAI Games).

Loren and Jamie Cunningham - aka WIBAI Games explaining Pathogenesis
Loren and Jamie Cunningham – aka WIBAI Games explaining Pathogenesis

We have been working on a lot of different behind the scenes stuff, including a lot of paperwork – but we have one cool tactile thing to show you – quite a few of our awesome chairs and tables!

Our tables in the main area are 42 x 42  – large enough to fit the majority of board games, but not so large that you can’t hear the person across from you!

Furthermore – we have some REALLY EXCITING NEWS! We’ve started working with a local marketing agency and they are helping us build up our branding – we’re keeping most of it under wraps for now – but here is a sneak peak of their art style!

We are really excited to open this fall – and we’d like to remind you that KICKSTARTER IS THE ONLY TIME YOU CAN GET A YEAR MEMBERSHIP FOR THE LOW PRICE OF $150! We’re also hoping we reach our second stretch goal so we can get an awesome espresso machine and have a backer party!

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Pathogenesis Play Test Friday: 7 PM til 9 PM at Pawns And Pints

Hello all!

This Friday, local game developers Loren and Jamie Cunningham will be at Pawns and Pints showing off their newest game – PATHOGENESIS!

Pathogenesis is a deck building game in which players take the role of bacterial pathogens attacking the human body. But the human body is not defenseless, once triggered the immune system will fight to destroy the pathogens and eventually achieve immunity. To win players must build up their deck of Pathogens and virulence factors to protect themselves from the immune system and maximize the damage they do to the body before they run out of time.

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Pawns and Pints + Crossroads Game Lab Playtest Event – Friday, September 2, 2016

Hello incredible awesome Kansas City people!

We are super excited about the event we have planned this First Friday at our location at 221 Southwest Boulevard!

We are focusing a bit more on the Game Development/KC Indie Game Culture with our event – we’ve connected with our favorite charity – ExtraLife KC and they will of course, have a presence at our location.

“Extra Life unites thousands of players around the world in a 24 hour gaming marathon to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised more than $14 million for local CMN hospitals. ” – Read more at


We are also super pleased to announce that we shall also have the awesome, incredible, wonderfulCROSSROADS GAME DEVELOPMENT LAB!

“Crossroad’s mission is to support and empower local game makers in the Kansas City area. They are a community of game makers for game makers. Members are a driving force for the direction of Crossroads Game Lab, helping to build the community they want and need. Crossroads Game Lab hosts a variety of both regular and unique events, including playtests and, and are always open to new initiatives that foster game development in Kansas City. ” – Read more at

Crossroad’s developers will be playtesting two awesome games – and you are INVITED to jump in and try them out.



Deathroll is a TableTop RPG that not only offers a compelling world to discover, but a unique competitive RPG experience within it. This game can be difficult. Very difficult. Traditional RPG roles will be challenged in Deathroll. The world of Arcadia is a nightmare for the unfortunate folks who live there. This sense of dread and struggle carries over throughout Deathroll’s design. Something as necessary as creating a character will be tough. Your character may be killed even before the first game is started.

As the Game Master, your ability to write adventures will be tested. Since this game is competitive, the GM will try their best to kill the player’s characters. As a result, the GM will not be able to simply throw the most difficult encounters possible at the players. Instead, they will have to craft an adventure around something called Narrative Prompts. These prompts inform the GM on the types of encounters they are able to use, as well as the difficulty of these encounters.

Learn more at! 



Tactigon is a strategy game where you must outwit your opponent to win. You are in command of an embattled army fighting to conquer your enemy’s King while protecting your own.

Your decisions will sway the tides of battle, leading to righteous victory or crushing failure. Will you prove triumphant or be remembered through defeat? Ultimately, only you can choose your fate!

Ouphe House has been developing Tactigon since 2014, and are working to bring it to Kickstarter in the near future. Keep up with the game at!

Also – we are almost at our first STRETCH GOAL! Will you help us make it? We just need another $125! Pledge now at 

10 MORE Games You are Guaranteed To Find at Pawns And Pints(Part 2)

Recently we released a list of games which we can guarantee that you will find at Pawns and Pints – Kansas City’s board game cafe. That list can be found here.

So, we are pleased to announce the following 10 games, which you shall, for sure, find at Pawns and Pints!

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Slightly More Than Halfway!

Greetings friends!

We are just about halfway through our timeline for our Kickstarter, and things are progressing swimmingly! We ARE funded enough to open up Pawns and Pints – and will be opening up this fall!

That being said – we’re really hoping to meet some awesome stretch goals to give you a world class gaming experience!

We want you to know that for every dollar we make over our original goal, we will be improving the quality and diversity of our game selection.

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Pawns And Pints First Fridays Sneak Peek!

Hello Pawns and Pints backers!

This Friday, in the Crossroads district, we are going to be having a Sneak Peek of Pawns and Pints! We will be opening up our location and will be offering a chance to acquire some Pawns and Pints shirts (different from our super cool Kickstarter ones), play some games, eat some awesome food from a food truck and converse with some awesome local vendors and event people! Continue reading “Pawns And Pints First Fridays Sneak Peek!”

Board Games for Date Night

Let us preface this by saying – board games are an AMAZING thing to bring to a first date, if you can slip them in. Both men and woman across the world agree that board games are a great social experience and they offer a variety of benefits above and beyond simply entertainment – but there are some games which are better than others for getting to know your partner better.


We have broken games into 4 categories in order to give you the best opportunity to decide what games are best for you and your date. The categories we choose are:

  • Cooperative – These games pit the players against the board in some way and they must work together to survive and win. Games like this typically encourage cooperation and are a great first date game too make you and your partner feel like a team.
  • Competitive Games: These are games which pit you and your partner against one another. For some, these are the perfect game for couples to build some excitement, for others they are not.
  • Party Games: These games are designed for a few people or occasionally a large group and are typically very simple to learn.
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Why Play Board Games in a Digital Age?

Why, in the 21st century, would anyone ever want to play a board game? What possible point is there to sitting down in a room and playing a game?

I’ll give you one, good reason –  Positive Human Contact. 

Board games give you that chance, that ability to disconnect your cell phones and actually talk to the person across the room from you.

It doesn’t matter if you are sitting down to play a spirited game of Uno or the newest expansion to Warhammer 40k, board games, by definition, require interaction.

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