Warcraft Review: From a Non-fanboy

by Biff Rocha

On the other side of the spectrum I write my review having no knowledge or experience of the videogame Warcraft. Based on the review by my friend Donald Dell Lewis III, I went to go see the film. I am a trained theologian so it will note surprise you that some of my observations are from a “religious” perspective. Attempting to avoid spoilers I will provide my brief thoughts assuming you have read Donald’s review which really provides a sound basis for understanding the movie. I found the film to be a powerful and inspiring tale which serves as an analogy for the struggle for culture and human nature.

Directed by Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) this film runs 2 hours and 3 minutes. It is rated for the fantasy violence PG-13 but contains no foul language, sexuality or nudity. Apart from the stylized fighting which might frighten small children, Warcraft can be considered a family-friendly film. With the basic premise of war-loving Orcs pass through a time and space portal to attack the peace peoples of Azeroth and make the planet their own. It would be easy enough to assume a good versus evil plotline will follow, but surprisingly, both sides of the conflict sport heroes, villains and sheep. On both sides, you have masses of individuals who simply follow orders or follow the crowd. The Orcs of Warcraft are very human in their nature. In contrast to J.R.R. Tolkien’s Orcs who are much more savage and animal-like, these Orcs express love, loyalty and aspire to a better life. The heroes are motivated by their love of children, family, friends and tradition.

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Review: The Warcraft Movie

Warcraft: The Movie


For many of us, Azeroth is a home away from home. From the first breaths many of us took in 1994 with Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, to the expansive universe that is the ongoing World of Warcraft, for the last twenty-two years Blizzard Entertainment has been a staple of the Real Time Strategy and Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game genres. In many ways this company, and the worlds they created, were among the most decisive and influential forces that shaped the development of PC gaming as we know it.

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